AlphaFox Systems are seeking market partners for their

innovative patented anti-counterfeiting technology

We have developed a unique brand protection, anti-counterfeit and identification security tag and seal system called Crystal Chip®. This offers manufacturers brand protection, Governments a method of reducing lost tax revenues from counterfeiting and consumers more confidence that the product is genuine.
  • Crystal Chip® is a patented optical 'tagging' and reader system, developed by AlphaFox Systems Ltd, which is uniquely able to identify the authenticity of an object to which a Crystal Chip® tag is attached or incorporated, without the need to refer to central databases.
  • The stand-alone capability of our reader device is an important practical user feature which makes operational use of the system time-efficient and cost-effective.
  • This unique anti-counterfeiting system has potential use in these and many other fields:

    Brand protection and Merchandising: consumer items, branded goods, pharmaceuticals, software, aircraft spares, medical equipment, etc.

    Tax stamps and Banderols: non-forgeable anti-counterfeiting technology to reduce governments lost revenue from tax on counterfeit tobacco and alcohol products etc.

    Valuable and Luxury Goods Identification: production plant, cargo, vehicles, works of art, antiques.

    Financial Services: forgery-proof bank notes, bankers drafts, cheques and credit cards.

    Document Validation: contracts, government (secret) documents, warranty systems, visas, identity cards, and passports.

    Access control: - Personnel: tickets, entry cards. - Equipment: cargo containers, computers, machinery.

Crystal Chip® has the capability to provide anti-counterfeit and tamper-evident solutions in all these fields.

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