Crystal Chip® Technology

AlphaFox has developed and patented a unique brand protection and identification tag system called Crystal Chip®.

Crystal Chip® is an optical-based anti-counterfeiting 'marking' system. It is based on the creation of a different and unique non-reproducible pseudo-random 3D array of 'particles' in each individual tag, label, seal, etc, so that each item is individually marked.

When a Crystal Chip® tag is illuminated by our special reader, the complex 'pattern' is verified automatically. No user judgement is required.

It is highly improbably that such unique patterns could be accidentally reproduced, copied or forged. In fact, it can be shown statistically that there is a greater probability of a random match of DNA than our tags, as may be observed in these three tag images:

The Crystal Chip® reader can be a hand-held reader for tags, labels and seals or a static reader for reading credit cards (Smart card) type cards, ISO cards, access and entry control cards, ticketing etc.

Crystal Chip<SUP>®</SUP> smart card reader
Crystal Chip® Smart card reader
Crystal Chip<SUP>®</SUP> label on a customer's product
Hand-held reader and Crystal Chip® label on a customer's product
The Crystal Chip® technology features and benefits

The AlphaFox Crystal Chip® tamperproof tag can be secured on an article or its packaging and cannot be replicated.

Depending on the application, the tags can be incorporated onto/into paper, card or plastic labels, seals and packaging, and on the protected objects themselves, including those made of metal where other security methods, such as RFID tags, can be a problem.

The Crystal Chip® technology offers the potential to significantly reduce the threat of counterfeiting and fakes and the financial and safety consequences, adding value to the providers of brand protection, tax revenues, and document security.

Crystal Chip® Applications

Counterfeiting is one of the fastest growing economic crimes worldwide and has been estimated to be of the order of 5% of the world trade (about £400 billion per annum). It endangers public health and safety, whilst also reducing government revenue from legitimate tax stamps and banderols. Advances in technology have enabled counterfeiters to produce better copies of products, packaging, tax stamps and so on, whilst the growth of the internet has opened up a whole new distribution channel for counterfeit goods and provides a conduit for copyright infringement on a huge scale.

The Crystal Chip® anti-counterfeiting system has potential use in many fields:

- Brand protection and Merchandising: consumer items, branded goods, pharmaceuticals, software, aircraft spares, medical equipment, etc.

- Tax stamps and Banderols: non-forgeable anti-counterfeiting technology to reduce governments' lost revenue from tax on counterfeit tobacco and alcohol products etc.

- Valuable and Luxury Goods Identification: production plant, cargo, vehicles, works of art, antiques.

- Financial Services: forgery-proof bank notes, bankers drafts, cheques and credit cards.

- Document Validation: contracts, government (secret) documents, warranty systems, visas, identity cards, and passports.

- Access control: - Personal: tickets, entry cards. - Equipment: cargo containers, computers, machinery.

Crystal Chip® has the capability to provide anti-counterfeit and tamper-evident solutions in all the above fields. Your company reputation, revenue and trust are protected

Please contact us now to discuss your needs for Crystal Chip® tags or customised solutions to meet your special requirements.

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