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Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection:
The Anti-Counterfeiting Group - conference on 23rd October 2014
Global Anti-Counterfeiting Network
International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition
Independent Review of IP and Growth
Counterfeiting Confidential publication
Regular analyses of authentication strategies
Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeiting, Munich, 18 - 20th November 2014
Security Document World annual conference in London 9 - 11th June 2015
Portal for security document business
LinkedIn Anti-Counterfeiting Group
LinkedIn Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection Summit Group
LinkedIn Brand Protection Network Group
AlphaFox Systems Ltd LinkedIn page

Personal ID Authentication in Mobile Transactions:
Review of mobile phone payment systems
Mobile Payments: Risk, Security, and Assurance Issues
Analysis of Payment Transaction Security in Mobile Commerce
Secure m-commerce paper - a good EU-funded project review Gururajan_New_Financial_ Transaction_Security_Concerns_ in_Mobile_Commerce_Publ_version.pdf
Large review on New Financial Transaction Security Concerns in Mobile Commerce
2001 review - much is out of date
The TSB Connected Digital Economy Catapult
CeBIT exhibitors list

Organisations we work with:
Technology product development, R&D, and contract project services
Vision, process optimization and control using machine intelligence projects
Consultancy to brand owners and technology developers of anti-counterfeiting products for brand protection
Development and sale of security technology for protecting items on display, ATMs, etc., and mains signalling
Developers of innovative sensors and instrumentation
R&D of special materials and image recognition software
A range of technology support services to industry
The UK Technology Strategy Board stimulating and supporting technology innovation
South West of England Microelectronics iNet support organisation
Helping ambitious businesses achieve sustainable growth
UK Trade and Investment support to businesses

Professional societies:
The UK Institute of Physics
The UK Institution of Engineering and Technology
The UK Royal Society of Chemistry
The UK Chartered Institute for IT

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